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Mother Linda Ann Brunson, also known as "Lannie" is the daughter of Brother Lindsay & Mother Geneva Washington. She was born June 2, 1960, in Sumter South Carolina. Mother Brunson began attending St. Paul Pentecostal Holiness Church, (Sumter, SC) under the leadership of the late Mother Thomasina Butler through the upbringing of her parents. 

In 1975 Sister Brunson received the gift of the Holy Ghost and the baptism in Jesus name at the age of 14 years old. Sister Brunson met Joseph Brunson and though this relationship led to marriage that God had ordain. Through this union, four wonderful children were conceived: Calandra, Antonio, Joseph, and Ivan. Mother Brunson was imparted great teachings and wisdom from the late Mother Thomasina Butler, the late Mother Thomasina Garland, the late Evangelist Nell Pierson, the late Elder Mark Pierson, and Pastor Shirley Holliday.


In January 2003, God gave Bishop Brunson an assignment that he had no other choice but to accept. At this time Mother Brunson, did not wholeheartedly wanted to heed to the voice of God, but through much fasting and praying, she was willing to do what God wanted them to do. Bishop & Mother Brunson reopened the sanctuary of formerly know as Tabernacle Progressive Church under the leadership of the late Pastor Ernestine E. Watson. Through much consecration their steps are being ordered by God. God has richly blessed Tabernacle in many ways and we thank Him for everything. Throughout the years there has been some disappointing moments and pain for Mother Brunson, but God was right there to see her though. Her motto is that she has made a vow to God and she wont take it back & cant nobody do me like Jesus. She has held many positions in this Ministry: President of the Ernestine Watson Ensemble, Vice President of the Sanctuary Choir, Sunday School Department Assistant Secretary, and leader of the Church Up Keepers Ministry. She is a humble servant of the Lord and enjoys cleaning the house of God. She sees herself as any other member and does not like to be place upon a pedestal. We ask that you continue to pray for First Lady Brunson as she continue to be a mighty woman of God.  


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