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Bishop Joseph Brunson, known as “Joe” is the son of Harry & the late Mary Brunson. He was born on January 31, 1960, in Lee County, SC. He was educated in the public school system and graduated from Sumter High in 1978. Joe was attending the Methodist church, until he met his high school sweetheart, Linda Ann Washington. In 1978, he joined St. Paul Pentecostal Holiness Church where Linda and her family was attending, under the leadership of the late Elder Mark Pierson. While tarrying he was then filled with the Holy Ghost and received the baptism in the name of Jesus in January of 1979.


On June 1, 1979, he and Linda was united in holy matrimony. From this union four children were born. After growing in the knowledge and grace of the Lord, in 1984, he accepted the call into the ministry. At that time, the late Minister Shirley Holliday was the Pastor of St. Paul. He served faithfully as a minister. Upon accepting salvation Joe lived a life that was contrary to the word of the Lord and lived the life of a drug user. What an awesome testimony to know that God still delivers. It was spoken by his colleague that he would be given six months to return back to the life of drugs and for his marriage to end, yet it has been over 30 years and he is still standing.


In 1994, the late Bishop Frank Brooks ordained Minister Brunson as the District Elder for the Pentecostal Faith Assemblies Church of the First Born Inc. of Columbia, SC. Because of his faithfulness and diligence, in 1998, he was later ordained as the Junior Bishop for the organization. Bishop Brunson held several positions as a member of St. Paul. He served as President of the Male Chorus and Brotherhood, Superintendent and Sunday School Teacher for the Sunday School Department. Bishop Brunson was eager to work for God and work faithfully in his calling. From 1997-1999, Bishop Brunson assisted several churches in South Carolina and one of them he currently pastors.


In January of 2003, the late Bishop Frank Brooks installed Bishop Brunson as the Pastor of Tabernacle Progressive Church where the late Pastor Ernestine E. Watson was the founder. Under the leadership of Bishop Brunson, the name was changed to Tabernacle Pentecostal Holiness Church, since the church was no longer under the Progressive organization. God has blessed and souls have been brought into the fold. As a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Bishop Brunson has been able to spread the gospel along the East Coast & Mid-West. He is an anointed man of God that is “real” and who is not afraid to preach and/or teach the pure unadulterated word of God. Bishop Brunson is a great man of valor, and continues to seek God for guidance, and declares he will forever uphold the standard of holiness.


Bishop Brunson & the Tabernacle Pentecostal Holiness Church is currently affiliated with the                                                                 with Bishop Charles E. Johnson as the Presiding Prelate. Bishop Brunson serves as the President & Advisor for the Men’s Ministry under the Episcopal District 4 Diocesan Bishop C.L. & Lady Cynthia Hardy. Bishop Brunson was consecrated as the first Non Diocesan Bishop in August 2014 at the National Convention held in Charlotte, NC. Bishop Brunson continues to stand on the apostolic doctrine and encourages every believer to be steadfast in the faith and to show the unbelievers the way.

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